Join me online every week via zoom:

Dynamic Pilates Wednesdays @ 7pm 

HIIT Pilates Saturdays @ 9am

Please email to join either our group classes or for 1:1 tuition 

Which Class is for you...

Sophie teaches two styles of classes both with and without equipment;

Dynamic Pilates - This class focuses on the traditional Pilates technique, slow controlled movement focusing on mobilising the spine and strengthening the muscles. Ideal if you are new to Pilates, looking for a slower class that focuses on the traditional method of spinal mobilisation and the core. Don't be fooled it might be slower but you'll still feel the burn. 

HIIT Pilates - This class uses traditional Pilates exercises but at a quicker pace with more reps. This is a class designed for fitness and to make you sweat. Mixing low impact cardio exercises, we move through sequences quickly with less rest periods. This is a great class to challenge the body and work muscles you never knew you had. 


Online : £3.50 a class when purchased as a 6 week block or £5 pay as you go

Hall mat class: £7 a class when purchased as a 6 week block or £10 pay as you go

Private group classes: £15 per person no more than 4 in a group

1:1 private tuition: £50 for the first induction. £40 per session after (each session is 1 hour)

Spaces ares limited per group to ensure you get the best from your class! Classes are 50 minutes long. When booking a 6 week block this will guarantee you a space each week but must be used within the 6 weeks, all missed classes will be forfeited and not refunded.

Reformer Classes

Unfortunately all reformer classes are currently on hold until further notice. 

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